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Relebone Rirhandzu eAfrika

Relebone Rirhandzu eAfrika

Relebone Rirhandzu eAfrika is a small-town girl getting lost in the big city. She is an essayist, writer, literacy advocate, and mental health advocate.

Her first full-length debut, Broken Porcelain (Blackbird Books, 2022), is a collection of essays describing one Black woman’s mental illness experience with a universal sensitivity. In it Relebone offers an unbridled perspective on the darkness of living with a brain that is constantly trying to sabotage you.

Her previous publishing credits include essays in the anthologies Living While Feminist (Kwela, 2020) and Mintiro Ya Vulavula: Arts, national identities and democracy in South Africa (MISTRA, 2021).

She’s the host, content producer, and program coordinator of the mental health podcast The Nine Lives of Depression Survivors; an avid bookstagrammer who promotes Black writers and their work, and a plant mom who doesn’t believe that there is such a thing as having too many plants.

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