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Bullying of Sir Lewis Hamilton escalates with each race

Anyone can see that bizarre and arbitrary rules are being invented to alienate F1’s most bankable driver. We all know why… but how long will this irrational crusade be allowed to continue?
Thu, May 19, 2022

PHOTO: Lewis Hamilton Twitter

“The serial bully, who in my estimation accounts for about one person in thirty in society, is the single most important threat to the effectiveness of organisations, the profitability of industry, the performance of the economy, and the prosperity of society.” – Tim Field.

Sir Lewis Hamilton is no stranger to having his sport, his colleagues and teammates fail him. The FIA, F1 and its drivers have remained silent as he endured perpetual abuse for decades, watching sadistically as he faced prejudice and harassment that they wouldn’t tolerate.

One might say that he is used to it, however, does a punch get less painful just because it is felt for the millionth time? No. Unfortunately, that is not how physical and psychological pain works. Every strike hurts just as severely as the first. What may change is the wisdom to implement coping mechanisms to handle the pain.

When we thought Hamilton couldn’t experience any worse, Abu Dhabi 2021 happened for all the world to see as a seemingly corrupt Michael Masi changed the rules of the entire sport of F1 to make sure that Sir Lewis Hamilton did not win. Allegedly, it was Michael Masi’s “human error” that caused the discrepancy that took Hamilton’s 8th Championship win away, but for those paying attention, a clear pattern presents itself as brazenly. The pattern is one of disempowerment, humiliation, and senseless harassment of Hamilton by his own sport.

One might have given the FIA the benefit of the doubt if the 2022 F1 season was uneventful and fair, but once again, a high ranking official of the sport has taken it upon himself to be the hand that continues the bullying of Sir Lewis Hamilton, namely FIA President, Mohammed bin Sulayem with a ridiculous jewellery ban that seems to only be against jewellery worn by Hamilton.

While other drivers can wear wedding rings, bin Sulayem is determined to clamp down on Hamilton’s tiny nose stud. This makes little sense when the argument against jewellery is about safety, and how in case of a crash or fire, jewellery could exacerbate or cause unnecessary injury.

However, a pertinent question remains. How does a car crash or a fire from a crash differentiate between marital/religious and secular jewellery to justify overlooking one type of jewellery over another? To many observers, it looks like the sudden enforcement of the jewellery ban is purely designed to harass one person only. However, this time around, some drivers aren’t silent about the ridiculousness of bin Sulayem.

When will the FIA end their juvenile power struggle with Sir Lewis Hamilton? Does the FIA desire to ruin itself and F1 with their alienation of its most bankable driver? The world is watching what the FIA does to Sir Lewis Hamilton, and as the Spanish Grand Prix draws near, will the FIA choose to be on the right side of history, or will they continue on the Abu Dhabi 2021 trajectory?