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WATCH: On 20 years of Legally Blonde & how the world loves to limit women

Naledi Sibisi opens up about why the Reese Witherspoon classic is more than just a comedy about a blonde who goes to Harvard.
Thu, Feb 25, 2021

In 2001, a rich, pampered blonde got dumped by her boyfriend. You see, although she had been great on his arm and wonderful for his ego, it was time for him to be serious about his political ambitions, and a blonde Barbie just wouldn't be the right woman to help him achieve that. (A drab brunette would be a more suitable choice, of course).

So the real-life Barbie (Reese Witherspoon in a career-making performance as Elle Woods) decided she would follow him to Harvard University, to show him that she wasn't just some "dumb blonde" and was more than capable of getting into Harvard.

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Stereotypes and cliches aside, Legally Blonde (which is on Showmax) is a movie about a woman dead-set on proving her detractors wrong, a blonde on a mission to show that the way a woman chooses to present herself has nothing to do with her intellectual capacity and career capabilities.

In this video, tagged! contributor Naledi Sibisi unpacks her own experiences of people limiting her based on her looks and interests – something every woman can relate to.