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VIDEO: Why it's a good idea to (re)watch Silicon Valley

Looking for a lazy watch? Then try the HBO satire about the world of tech bros. It lives comfortably in the middle – it won't blow you away, but you'll enjoy the heck out of it
Author: NqanaweLIVE
Thu, Mar 11, 2021

In the latest edition of Must (Re)watch, where we encourage you to revisit or discover a show, NqanaweLIVE talks us through the HBO comedy Silicon Valley.

The series, he says, lives comfortably in the middle and doesn't require deep tech knowledge for you to enjoy. While it does have a continuous storyline, it won't need intense concentration – which is great, because that's something a lot of us are short on right now.

  • You can stream all six seasons of Silicon Valley on Showmax