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Tips and tricks for becoming a billionaire…

Is it really that easy to become rich? The new money series Welvaartskeppers on kykNET aims to help the average Joe create and maintain a stash of personal wealth
Thu, May 19, 2022

I’ve never liked listening to, watching, or reading anything about money. The terms used by experts usually sounded foreign to me, and it seemed too difficult to understand the why and how of stocks, bonds and intricate excel spreadsheets.

But do you also feel that your money could work better for you? Like your rand’s just not stretching far enough? These are uncertain times, and with petrol prices rising and load-shedding causing unnecessary production delays, we’re all feeling the loss of cents in our pockets.

So, excuse me for being skeptical when another TV show promises the magic money-making formula. However, the age-old questions remain: Can one really create their own wealth? And what is needed to be able to do that?

So, I started watching Welvaartskeppers on kykNET, and it has changed the way I look at my own money and its management.

If you’re like me and have wondered what it takes to create and maintain personal wealth, brothers Geo and PJ Botha will open up the often-intimidating financial world and help you make sense of it all.

These two have vast experience in wealth management and investigate what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in the South African business landscape. If you’ve just started a business or are in the planning phases, you’ll love how they go into the details of various business practices and the day-to-day management thereof.

I’m a small business owner and love seeing how others do business – seeing where I can improve or change. The goal is, after all, to make a lot of money. Why else would you pour your heart and soul into it every day?

Welvaartskeppers give you a little glimpse into other businesses, and although they don’t have magic money-making secrets, they also don’t promise that. They do, however, help you understand how to go about increasing your bank balance.

“South Africa is a country full of possibilities and potential,” says PJ. “Yet we face a record unemployment rate and several other unique challenges in our country. As wealth managers, we have seen that there are still people who not only create wealth for themselves but also create opportunities for others. We went to find out how they manage it for this series, and we would like to share this knowledge with viewers.”

“We are passionate about our country, our language and the transfer of financial expertise to others,” says Geo. “In Welvaartskeppers, we were able to combine all the factors, and if we could make a difference to just one person’s way of thinking, we succeeded in our goal.”

PJ adds: “As South Africans, we do not need to stand back for the rest of the world. We have incredibly talented and hard-working individuals. We are used to regularly overcoming obstacles, which only makes us even stronger.”

Geo has a BCom honour’s degree in internal auditing and a diploma in financial planning. PJ is a qualified chartered accountant. Their father, Dr Riaan Botha, will also be called in every week to give tips on financial management. Therefore, the Botha’s have more than enough knowledge to share with viewers.

Some of the episode themes include: “Do I have to follow my passion for creating wealth?”; “Do you need a formal qualification to create wealth?”; “Cryptocurrencies as a new source of income”; and “When is enough, enough?”

When I have my second home in Provence, enough is enough, thank you very much. Now excuse me while I take care of my money.

  • Watch Welvaartskeppers on Thursdays at 5:30pm on kykNET, DStv channel 144