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RHOD Season 2: Married v unmarried women

This season, greater value seemed to be placed on the married girlies than those who were self-sufficient and single at Home Affairs. But fortunately, the unmarried women carried the show, with Nonku being our fighter
Thu, May 19, 2022

The Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 Reunion was about as exciting as when LaConco realised that the host of the party was Thobile and not Oprah.

Unfortunately, Jojo was not held accountable for her actions throughout the season. Remember when she arrived with security and an armoured truck when they travelled to a rural area because sis was wearing a Rolex and had to rub shoulders with the ‘bantus’?

Again, in a demonstration of weaponising her white women tears, Jojo was shown to be instigating a fight and throwing a drink at Mabusi. Ironically, she was protected and comforted by the magical negroes surrounding her as she managed to centre herself as the victim even within the apology.

Outside of Jojo’s shenanigans, there was a very clear line of the division this season between the married women and the women who are single and self-sufficient. This was clearly illustrated when Uncle Viv hired a private jet, the one Black Twitter referred to as a “Venture” of the sky, and the ladies invited to fly to their holiday were “wives”, while the rest were trudging along on the road like the rest of us.

In my opinion, I would have rather been eating snacks on the side of the road while the car broke down than flying in that rickety plane, so the three ladies did not miss out on much. This has been a particular site for contention all season and identifies the toxic culture of the Real Housewives enterprise where women who are married are regarded as winners of some kind while the unmarried are regarded with less value.

As much as the cast tried to deny the existing dichotomy of the married and unmarried, this is not a new phenomenon, and the enterprise is a microcosm of society. Fortunately for the viewers, the unmarried girlies carried the show on their backs!

Between Nonku’s problematic utterances about men cheating, her drinking issues and her mother’s Pirates of the Caribbean “high tea” hats, there was an opportunity for the audience to see Nonku’s vulnerability (and yet another utterance of Sifiso Ncwane that we really should have left in Season 1).

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LaConco’s continued secrecy seems to be the only thing that gave Annie a storyline this season and the ongoing debates about her partner made for some salacious content. Personally, I stan the way in which LaConco hides everything, from her age to her location and that she was almost a first wife… there are some things that need to be protected.

For all we know, Petal might be an aspiring head of state, although Jojo told us that he is basically living a Midrand highlife in Durban (fast cars, no furniture and lying about owning a yacht). I guess we will have to wait and see if that is ever revealed.

When Annie is not fighting and misquoting elderly women, she is finding other ways to stoke fires in matters that have nothing to do with her. I guess she is auxiliary to the drama, unlike Thobile who gave us absolutely nothing but looks and negotiating this strange relationship that involves her and her husband prostrating at Sorisha and Uncle Viv’s feet. (Girl, stand up!).

As for Londie, she might not be as spineless as she was presented to be throughout the season. In fact, Londie has always stuck to her guns, even when everybody else was backpedalling about Nonku being an alcoholic. The girl is consistent and seemed to be one of the only people that were not acquiescing to Jojo’s tantrums.

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