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Insider scoop: Adulting S2 is ‘much hotter than the first!’

S2 is set to outdo its first – the new season drops on December 4
Author: Staff writer
Wed, Nov 29, 2023

The first season of Adulting got tongues wagging! The captivating series streaming on Showmax quickly soared in popularity, spiced up with its relatable and humorous take on the complexities of modern life – through the eyes and experiences of a group of male friends. And the sex, honey! NSFW.

As anticipation builds, fans are counting down to December 4, when S2 is set to drop. The pressure is on the show’s creators, Tshedza Productions, to deliver on the entertainment, set pulses racing, and hit the right notes once again. And nobody is feeling the heat more than the lead actor Thembinkosi Mthembu (Bonga), who returns to the new season. “I do believe S2 will do it justice. Viewers are going to be blown away by the journey that each character is going to embark on. I'm also especially excited about my storyline: there is a lot that viewers will get to learn about Bonga as he begins to learn and unlearn the many facets of his life.”

Mthembu opened up the first episode with a scene that blew up the internet. No doubt that reaction was because sex scenes on South African television are hard to come by. Viewers are clearly starving! In fact, some have even gone so far as seeking out Mthembu in the DMs: “There have been so many. Without being too detailed, I’ve had someone ask me to do to them the things I do in bed with other female characters,” says Mthembu.

Well, here’s the scoop: A source close to the show spilled that S2 “is much hotter than the first!”. The insider alluded to seeing “more bums” in S2 than in the first season. We’ll leave it there.

It’s also expected to delve more into the character’s journeys, offering more laughs and heart. What we know for sure, the cast is committed, and getting along well off-screen really helped them portray the brotherhood easier on-screen.

“When we started working on S2, we had the same conversation we had when we stepped on set for S1. That conversation was all about ensuring that we give our all to this project. This is our baby and we were going to give it all the attention and care it deserved in order for the new season to be as successful as the first one.

“We are so in sync with each other that, when it came to our first scene for this season, we hit the ground running.”

While you wait, binge S1 on Showmax here: