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From X-rated SAG whispers to Wendy Williams’ woes …

Let's dive into this past weekend's most popcorn-worthy moments!
Author: Ree Ntuli
Mon, Feb 26, 2024


We love it when a black woman breaks the internet for all the right reasons, and of course, nobody does the job better than Ciara and her husband Russell Williams. The couple, who welcomed their fourth baby into the world earlier this year, keep giving fans a recipe for a successful marriage and a long family tree. Attending the SAG Awards, the two shared a video of themselves whispering into each other’s ears words I’d much rather not repeat. We don’t blame Russell for the nasty though, with a wife as breathtakingly beautiful as Ciara, I too would be shameless with my lust.

Where is Wendy Williams?

The documentary chronicling Wendy Williams’ comeback to the media industry seems to be doing more harm than good. The first two parts of the documentary titled Where Is Wendy Williams (referencing the media personality’s exit from the media following a series of health challenges) premiered this past Saturday and fans have been questioning the ethics of filming someone suffering from progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia – conditions characterised by progressive loss of intellectual functioning. In some of the footage that has been circulating on the internet, Williams can be heard hurling insults at some of her staff members, a symptom typical of dementia. It is said that the primary motivation for such a show is financial assistance to Williams who’s been unable to work due to her illness. Fans, however, feel Williams should be surrounded by family, not cameras.

Caramel Swirl

TLC’s Rozonda Thomas aka Chilli found herself amid controversy this past week after correcting a fan who compared her to chocolate in an Instagram post where the singer is seen dancing with her boyfriend, actor Matthew Lawrence. “Ok Matthew! He got some chocolate now he got some moves!! I approve!!” said the fan in the comments section on the post before the songstress quickly corrected her with "Caramel". The discourse queens and kings were ready to slay the colourism demon with their intellectual swords. Chilli went on to clarify that it was a harmless correction about her skin tone and nothing more.

Matthew Lawrence and Chilli enjoyed a blissful romantic Valentine’s Day getaway at the new Sandals Dunn’s River in Jamaica on 10 February 2024. Image: Getty/John Parra

Local Not so Lekker

On the home front, things seem to have quietened down since it was reported that Edwin Sodi’s luxury cars and other assets were seized by the court this past week. The seizure is a result of a restraint order obtained by the Asset Forfeiture Unit. Furthermore, according to court documents, third parties in possession of Sodi’s listed assets were also required to return said assets. The baddie economy is in a critical state, don’t be surprised by the sudden absence of the Birkins on the gram.

Edwin Sodi. Image: Gallo Images/Mlungisi Louw