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A dating show that starts in the marital bed and works backwards

Date, Agteruit is dating 101 for those who don't like to waste their time and it might be one of the most exciting ways to meet your potential soulmate
Thu, Jan 21, 2021

Two strangers, barely clothed, wake up next to each other on the day after their wedding… Wait, what? It sounds like the premise for an Adam Sandler blockbuster, only this time it's a South-African reality show that will turn the concept of love at first sight on its head.

Date, Agteruit (dating in reverse, in English) is the new dating reality show on VIA. After meeting sans clothes (or scantily clad), the two strangers then get 'married', go on a weekend away, meet each other's family and friends, and only then have their first date. This all happens within 24 crazy hours where they try to learn as much about each other as they can.

"We see Date, Agteruit as a social experiment where two people who know absolutely nothing about each other, go through a long-term relationship in just 24 hours," co-producer Marno Koen says.

"It is really interesting to see how two people who just met, have their first dance at their wedding or introduce the other to their nearest and dearest without knowing how to talk them up, as they say," he says.

Could this be the answer to the trauma of relationships breaking up because of a deal-breaker discussed only after people fall in love? Time will tell.

The concept for Date, Agteruit was bought from a company in Israel. "It will be first to air in South Africa, although production companies in other countries have also bought the rights for the show," says director George van Rooyen.

When you deal with people, there is always the chance of something funny happening. "We were on a tight schedule for every shooting day, seeing as so many things need to happen in 24 hours – loads of wardrobe changes, different locations that needed to be set up, etc.

"But we had so much fun with the different personalities on set. The crew had to keep themselves from laughing when one of the contestant's mother kept answering the questions his 'girlfriend' asked him when she met his family," Koen says.

This show deals with real people and real emotion in real-time. The contestants are confronted with months' worth of dating experience in a matter of hours, and for some, it might just be too much, too soon.

As always, there is a twist – at the end of the day, every contestant can decide to show up for their first date, or not. Will he slide into the seat across from you, or will you be left hanging? Will she peek around the corner and ultimately decide to take the leap and go on the date that you changed your shirt for five times?

Love might not be in the air for everyone. For others, a relationship that starts in the bridal bed might just end up there again. Date, Agteruit is dating-show magic and the perfect way to spend some quality time on the couch.

  • Catch Date, Agteruit on Wednesdays at 8pm on VIA, DStv channel 147