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5 memorable onscreen appearances made by eggs

Eggs are a superstar. They are nutritious and their culinary possibilities are endless. We count down some unforgettable TV and movie scenes that feature eggs
Fri, Oct 08, 2021

Think about your favourite breakfast. That meal that has the perfect combination of flavours and textures – the one that tastes like everything is going to be okay. The kind of breakfast you dream about the night before.

It's an egg, isn't it? Fried, boiled, poached or scrambled. In a shakshuka, on a piece of toast or baked into a quiche – eggs are a delight. (If you don't eat or like eggs, I'm judging you.)

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8 October 2021 is World Egg Day. Thanks to the International Egg Commission, the world takes the second Friday of October as a day to celebrate the humble egg – a simple food packed with so much nutritious, culinary, and artistic possibility that I can hardly believe how lucky we are to have it.

Television and film set designers are equally reverent, I am sure, because eggs give them something to build beautiful scenes around. Here are some of the more memorable cameos that eggs have made on screen.

1. The Queen 

Breakfast at the Khoza house is a grand affair. The family sits around the table, slicing croissants and scooping up eggs, while they discuss business. They look rich and shady while getting their nutrients before what will inevitably be another drama-filled day. To their credit, they stay at the table long enough to actually eat the food. They may be criminals, but they would never be found promoting wastefulness.

2. Rocky

Protein Drink - Rocky GIF - Rocky Sylvester Stallone Eggs - Discover &  Share GIFs

If there's one thing a sports bro will do, it's down a glass of raw eggs. It's like taking a shot of protein straight into the veins, right?

Chances are if you know someone who does this, it's because they were inspired by Rocky Balboa, who rolls out of bed and ambles to the fridge to get five eggs to break into a glass. He dutifully gulps them down and then quietly accepts the power of a champion as it courses through his veins.

3. The Wedding Year

One morning after they get engaged, young chef Jake Riddick (Tyler James Williams) makes a perfect eggs benedict for his fiancé Mara Baylor.

She is not a morning person so she can't even open her eyes to appreciate this gift, and she probably thinks she is being sensible by suggesting that they move breakfast to a later time. Jake summarises the urgency and the beauty of this breakfast when he says: "Well, I just poached the egg. There isn't really any later."

4. The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Cockeyed Caravan: Believe Care Invest in The 40 Year Old Virgin

The movie opens with Andy (Steve Carell) getting ready for the day. After exercise, comes a bubble bath (how luxurious) and then breakfast, which is a glorious omelette. (Undercooked bacon notwithstanding.)

Andy, affording the food the respect it deserves, sits down quietly at his table for one and savours the eggs bite by bite. What a man.

5. Birds of Prey

Birds Of Prey Harley Quinn GIF - Birds Of Prey Harley Quinn Were Gonna Get  Through This - Discover & Share GIFs

Everyone has their go-to spot, the place they visit at the same time every day to get their favourite meal. For Harley Quinn, that place is Sal's restaurant, where she goes to get the perfect bacon, egg and cheese sandwich.

Harley spends her last cent on the creation, declaring it is "so worth it!", then she sighs and unwraps it slowly while Barry White plays in the background. For all the chaos that follows Harley for the rest of the movie, this one moment shows that even the slightly unhinged know how to savour the finer things in life.

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