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What to eat while watching these 4 shows

Don’t let your TV snack game go stale this July. From mysteries that require heavy drinks, to sexy shows that call for sultry dining, here’s the ultimate watch-and-eat list
Thu, Jul 21, 2022

1. Spoorloos

You can look forward to a new Spoorloos anthology this July, and if the sneak preview episodes are anything to go by, this one will be a major hit! Spoorloos: Die Eiland promises to be filled with as much drama, intrigue and mystery as the previous seasons.

Each season’s mystery involves a new cast with a new storyline and characters. In Spoorloos: Die Eiland, the life of Stefan Claassen (Bobby van Jaarsveld), an adventurous young architect, is hurled into chaos when an unfortunate chance encounter with his long-lost love not only reignites his feelings for her but drags him into a web of deceit when she disappears.

You can look forward to seeing Izel Bezuidenhout, Ilse Klink and Brendon Daniels in the lineup.

Spoorloos episodes always get me excited about trying to solve a new mystery. It’s gripping stuff – you’ll need something substantial to help you cope with the drama. So, my snack suggestion is to keep it simple. Have a bowl of lightly salted popcorn ready and pour yourself a stiff drink – preferably one with Vodka to calm the nerves. A Moscow Mule will be perfect. It may not look like much, but the heavy hit of Vodka will be just the ticket when everything unravels for your hero.

Starts on 19 July at 8pm on kykNET

2. Tuintoere

Derrich Gardner is at it again! He is showing off South Africa’s prettiest gardens and we can join in the fun. This season, he visits the beautiful Cavalli Estate in Stellenbosch and Brahman Hills in Kwazulu-Natal, amongst others. It’s a show that’s as pretty as a picture, and you’ll want to pour yourself a glass of bubbly for the experience.

A fresh garden salad with either chicken or smoked salmon is the perfect accompaniment to this greener-than-green show. Dress the salad with my super easy but delightfully tasty champagne vinaigrette:

Mix ½ cup olive oil, ¼ cup sparkling wine, ¼ cup white wine vinegar, 2 tsp Dijon mustard, the juice of 1 lemon, 1 tsp finely grated onion, 1 tsp honey and a dash of salt and pepper… And thank me later.

Thursdays at 5.30pm on VIA

PHOTO: © Susan Scott

3. Bewonder & Bewaar met Bonne de Bod

The new nature show, Bewonder & Bewaar met Bonne de Bod, from the award-winning wildlife TV presenter and producer Bonne de Bod and director Susan Scott on Sunday. Scott and de Bod have filmed worldwide – in Africa, Asia, Europe, the North Pole, and North and South America.

For this series, the team, known for their ability to access rugged and isolated terrains in the wild, captured various wildlife researchers on camera in remarkable areas of South Africa, Namibia and Argentina.

This show calls for something down-to-earth and substantial – so my plate will be filled with a wild mushroom risotto come Sunday. Pair yours with a glass of earthy Pinot Noir or an oaky Chardonnay, and you’ve got dinner and a show sorted.

Sundays at 8pm on kykNET


4. Uit Die Slaapkamer

It’s all about sexy time and sexy questions in Uit Die Slaapkamer on VIA. Need I say more? When watching the show, you must let go of your inhibitions to ensure that Wednesday evenings are much more exciting when you turn off the TV.

Big dinners are out on Wednesdays – no one feels sexy after eating a plateful of comfort food. So instead, make a stunning platter filled with melons, prosciutto, olives, and biscuits. Snack on these while learning tips and tricks for the best sex of your life – and then head to the bedroom with glasses of Aperol Spritz to cool down after the action. It’s a sexy drink and takes only three minutes to prepare, so you have time for the more critical Wednesday evening things.

Wednesdays at 9pm on VIA

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