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3 Afrikaans shows to watch right now

KykNET is making sure that there’s nothing slow about January entertainment. With exciting programming for every interest, these are the shows you can enjoy
Thu, Jan 20, 2022

If you’re wondering what to watch for the next month or so, kykNET has you covered with fresh content that will inspire you to venture outside, try a new home design trend and make you laugh or cringe (or both!)

1. Spasie

Starts 20 January at 9pm

Afrikaans television shows (or, if we’re honest, South African TV shows) haven’t always been successful with home renovation series. But Spasie, the new kykNET show, is a hit. The show takes a fresh look at home design and small space living and will have you packing up and selling your things faster than you can say “tiny home”. Spasie taps into the micro-home concept, a trend taking South Africa by storm.

Home reno shows tend to focus on extravagantly large homes being overhauled by professionals. The big reveal needs to happen with a large bus in front of the house and a crowd cheering on the family (who all go to some or other sponsored holiday resort while the work was being done).

Spasie has a different focus – transforming small spaces into incredibly stylish yet practical homes. Director Elmi de Pauw says: “We are going to show how small spaces can be utilised optimally and how people downscaled and adjusted their way of living to live with less. A lot of people embraced the tiny-home trend in South Africa, and we went looking for them.”

The inspo for the show came from a family of four who started living in a bus during the lockdown. The concept for a show about micro-home-living grew from there. Spasie aims to show the viewer that the monthly stress about bond repayments needn’t be a part of your life. To downsize doesn’t mean giving up on your quality of life.

Pauw says: “Spasie is all about the philosophy of living lighter with less. The show provides you with practical information about the what and how.” Do you think you can live micro-light? Let Spasie show you how!

2. Mal Kamper

Saturdays at 7.30pm

Mal Kamper is the show I should be watching, not being a fan of camping… I don’t particularly appreciate sharing a shower with strangers or sleeping in a bag close to critters on the ground. But I do love being in nature, and Mal Kamper is a love letter to South Africa.

“This series is about how beautiful our country is with all its wide-open spaces and all the things you can do when you get away from the bright lights of the city,” says Dewald Visser, director and presenter of the show. “We wind down in nature and embark on a variety of outdoor adventures in stunning places.”

In Mal Kamper you won’t see any traditional campsites. Dewald takes his well-equipped Suzuki Jimny and trailer to some of the most remote places where he cooks on an open fire and gets the adrenaline flowing with a range of activities.

He’s a keen mountain biker and loves rowing, mountain climbing and diving. He also enjoys a bit of angling. So, tune in if you’re eager to explore.

3. Hotel

Mondays at 8pm

Exactly the same, but different and just as funny. That is how the fifth and final season of kykNET’s award-winning comedy, Hotel, can be described. Yes, Ferdie and the team are back – and you’re going to miss them when they’re gone!

When we last saw the team of the Fransen Hotel, Ferdie (James Borthwick), decided to retire. Thomas (Beer Adriaanse) and Jony (Simone Pretorius) are trying their best to make a success of the hotel, but all is not going to plan.

When Ferdie, who travelled overseas after his retirement, decides he wants his seat in the manager’s chair back, Thomas and Jony refuse. But maybe they need Ferdie to save their relationship?

This cult classic is loved and hated by viewers in equal measure, but those in the know know that this will be a legendary show for all time. It has a certain off-beat quality that some, especially older, viewers don’t really get.

But we love the understated craziness of the crew so much that we’ll stream it again and again like there’s no tomorrow. So, start watching the reruns on Showmax now, and get ready to tune into the staff’s antics at the Fransen Hotel.

Hotel has won several SAFTAs and nominations through the years, and earlier in 2021, Borthwick (best actor in a comedy) and Martelize Kolver (best supporting actress in a comedy) each went home with an award.