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To live and buy in Cape Town

The new real estate reality show explores Cape Town’s fascinating property market – particularly how investments are made, which areas are growing and how we compare to the global standard
Thu, Jun 09, 2022

For most of us, scrolling through Property24 is a verified hobby – now imagine that in TV form, getting to look through some of the most luxurious homes in Cape Town from our couches.

Following the success of BBC Lifestyle’s real estate series Listing Jozi is their new instalment Listing Cape Town, which takes us into some of the most high-end properties in the Mother City.

The series follows five estate agents as they sell luxury properties to buyers across the province. The agents featured on the show are Armel Ciamal (Law Real Estate) who moves from Johannesburg to Cape Town in the first episode, Farrah Mia (Live Real Estate), Jodi Smith (RE/MAX), Renee James (Chas Everitt) and Saadiq Effendi (LIONLEAD Realty).

Each of them has their own expertise and tricks of the trade, so it’s interesting watching how they do business and the titbits that they let the audience in on. For those who are window shopping or those who looking to invest in Cape Town property, it is fascinating to learn what agents consider when selling a property.

Listing Cape Town focuses on properties across the Atlantic Seaboard and the first episode highlights both the beauty of the city and the surroundings, as well as the dynamic personalities of the agents and what makes them perfect for this position.

Tagged! sat down with Farrah Mia (pictured above), a UCT BCom graduate who worked in corporate and as a model and TV presenter before making the shift to real estate.

When asked about why she decided to be a part of Listing Cape Town, she says it’s a nice marketing platform for her existing clients, as well as a good career move to show the work that she does. She says she loves working on the Atlantic Seaboard because of the amazing views as they have different offices and different houses every day.

I ask her about what areas in Cape Town are up-and-coming and she immediately answers, “the Foreshore”. Known as being on the cusp of the central business district (CBD) and close to the V&A Waterfront, Mia notes that the Foreshore is the new De Waterkant, and there are plenty of new developments popping up there, so for those looking to invest in property in the city, it’s a good place to start.

When talking about her work as an agent, Mia says her most difficult sales are the smaller ones, not the larger ones as one would expect. But her favourite properties are the double volume apartments, with floor-to-ceiling windows, because those are the types of homes she can envision herself in.

Her most surprising moment when viewing a listing? Farrah is quick to say, “I had a couple of viewings where I didn’t expect the tenants to still be there… and I’ve had some naked tenants. I’ve seen it all.” However, she does point out that clients that know what they want and clients that are unsure each come with their own pros and cons but the “unicorn client” is one who already sends her the link of the listing they want to view.

And what does she hope Listing Cape Town reveals about real estate in Cape Town?

“I hope that people get a better understanding that just because we’re in South Africa it doesn’t mean we can’t compete on a global scale when it comes to the magnitude and quality of our properties. And I think it’s about time that we show what Cape Town has to offer, and this is the best way to do it. We can compete globally with global interior designers, other global agents and global construction companies. We have a lot of talent in this city.”

  • Watch Listing Cape Town on Wednesdays at 8pm on BBC Lifestyle, DStv channel 174. Episodes are available on DStv Catch Up.