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#TaggTeamWithToni: What’s holding me back from prospering, and how can I fix it?

Wed, Jun 22, 2022

Through tarot readings, Bakang uses meditation and mindfulness to provide guidance on matters ranging from love and career to their life paths

Q: What’s holding me back from prospering and how can I fix it?

A: Disharmony when it comes to achieving one’s goals can sometimes be caused by an internal inability to align with the ways in which you’ve outgrown certain things.

If your own perception of self has changed because of certain monumental experiences in your life, but you’re so quick to get back to 'normalcy' that you dismiss the wins and losses that have changed your character, you will undoubtedly miss important information that could be of use to who you need to become.

An awareness of how others are seemingly invested in our lives and progress can also distract us from the subtleties of our true purpose and where our individual treasure lies, should the word of those we value/ those close to us get to a point where it trumps our own intuition.

A desire to be accepted and to be seen as victorious by those around us can also hold us hostage. You’re not obligated, truly, to perpetually live up to the expectations of others, because then when do you get the opportunity to explore and meet your obligations to self?

Sure, there are many things you’ve said you’d do that you didn’t, and many bonds that you hoped would support you through transition that didn’t. At some point you’re going to have to make peace with the fact that disappointment and disillusionment are par for the course in life, and it’s rarely ever really anything personal.

Failure in life is no different from failure in class, it just feels personal because you’re a person and it’s happening to you, but it’s not this big definite shit show, even when it feels shitty. In spite of all that you perceive as failure, you’re still here and you’re still curious about your life and that’s always a good place to start.

The most long standing stability you can find, the one that will bear the most fruit, is the one within yourself

The most long standing stability you can find, the one that will bear the most fruit, is the one within yourself.

If a part of you feels like your support will always be dependent on assistance and direction from other people, you will be put in positions where your big Soul Lesson is to stand on your own two feet proudly and, unfortunately, if you have a history of feeling neglected/overlooked by other people, those lessons can feel like a revisiting of trauma and abandonment.

In those moments, however, let that same curiosity I mentioned before be a guiding force for you, when/if faith falters. Find comfort in the very real fact that you are not the first person to feel/fear anything and let that be a thing that opens your heart up to asking questions of the forces that you believe govern your life about your life.

You are being called to centre yourself in your life the way you’ve hoped others would centre you, and see what comes of it. There is clarity to be found in the silence that comes with detaching from those who don’t see your worth, but you won’t hear it if you sit in the silence begrudgingly, I’ll be honest with you.

There’s an idea you wanted to explore with someone close to you that didn’t take off and it’s because that person wasn’t the right person to take that up with. Don’t let the dissolution of that bond/the waning of the other person’s enthusiasm be a thing that makes you miss your blessing simply because they didn’t appreciate it, it wasn’t for them! You’re supposed to have this, and have it alone at that.

For you, redefining your worth will be a thing that literally pays off. Be open to how the value of everything in your life can change. Be open to completely revolutionising your relationship with change by realising that you too have the power to orchestrate it and call upon its assistance for your highest good.

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