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Face 2 Face confrontations with dignity

Host Noluthando Nqayi says the show treats heartbreak delicately. Although heated matters like cheating are dealt with, the idea is to defuse violence and offer the involved parties some counselling
Author: Rita Nayo
Thu, Nov 25, 2021

“Batlao Hurda!” And no, I am not talking about the song, but Mzansi Magic's relationship show, Face 2 Face, which had me in chest pains.

Cheating in a relationship is nothing new to the world – it predates most of our existence. However, when you bring your partner and the person they’re cheating with on national TV, that is a different story. Guests on the show throw their gwababa out the window to confront their partners and their 'sides', in the hopes of ironing things out.

I must say, what makes the show compelling is the mature approach to being potentially heartbroken by the love of your life. And of course, the ever-so-gracious host, Noluthando Nqayi, has done a successful job steering the show in such a dignified and delicate way. Unlike many dating reality shows, Face 2 Face offers counselling for the wounded parties.

Some episodes have left me completely speechless, while one had me agreeing with a side who was brought to the show after giving a guy her number. Nothing had happened beyond that. Her sin was giving a lying man, who had told her he was single, her number. Cabanga?

Seeing Noluthando on screen had me excited, I absolutely love how she handles herself and extends such respect to all guests.

“I’m always aware of the emotions and I focus on being sensitive to that and the situation. During the difficult moments I found myself having to take a step back and breathe so that I could allow the guests some space to speak freely, without personalising what they were going through and making it about me and what I thought,” Noluthando says.

Reflecting on what it is like being the host of a show like Face 2 Face, Noluthando says she is happy to be a part of it as it addresses pertinent issues which need to be talked about in a dignified manner.

“The show is about helping people and that’s the element I like most. That people get to sit down and communicate their thoughts and feelings without resorting to violence. It’s about understanding each other so a resolution can be found,” she says.

So, think about some of the dating and relationship shows you have seen. What comes to mind? Someone throwing a punch, or hurling vulgar insults to discredit the enemy? Well, not on Face 2 Face’s watch. Noluthando says the show is different in that it wants its participants to vocalise their concerns without resorting to violence.

“We provide each and every participant with a psychologist who is there to help guide and deal with the heavy matters that have been discussed, even after we have shot their episode,” she says.

At the rate of how inaccessible mental health care opportunities are in South Ah, this is a commendable pledge of assistance. Without giving away too much, in one episode a woman who’s been married for a decade finds herself at the table of reconciliation with her husband and his girlfriend. To add salt to the wound, the husband hints at isithembu – something the wife is not aware he even wanted. Yho!

But on the flip side, there is also a ray of light – don’t despair. Participants also share their love stories of how they met and sitting at that table clearly works because some try to work through their issues, “whether they choose to carry on as a couple or as individuals,” Noluthando adds.

“I’m excited that we’re helping people to work through their traumas so they may start to move forward in their lives,” she says.

All I can say is Mzansi, you are in for quite a show!

  • Face 2 Face is on Mzansi Magic (161), Tuesdays at 8pm